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Pettibon System

xraysThe Pettibon System was developed and named after its developer, Dr. Burl Pettibon. This analytical approach to chiropractic is based on gravity.

The Role of X-rays

We begin by doing a comprehensive radiographic analysis of your spine so we can obtain a clear picture of how your spine has adjusted to the stress of gravity. (We’ll compare these initial images with those we see later as your care progresses.)

As sitting puts more stress on your spine than standing, we will take your X-rays while you are seated. And we take them this same way each time. Doing so allows us to accurately compare how your body is adapting to our care without the influence of uneven leg lengths.

Three Types of Care

The first phase of care lasts for 2-3 weeks. Because the majority of people begin chiropractic care because of pain, we start with relief care. During this acute phase, we’ll demonstrate specific home care procedures to follow to help accelerate your results.

he second stage of care is for patients who are seeking more lasting correction. This phase often takes up to three visits a week for a period of three months or longer, depending on how much spinal damage you have. You also will want to continue with the at-home procedures to get the best possible results.

The third stage of care is designed to help you maintain and enhance your postural correction as well as endurance and muscle strength. At this phase of care, we can usually reduce the frequency of your visits.

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